At Trafficking in America Task Force, we could never pursue our mission to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking without the help of our partners and sponsors! Become a Trafficking in America task Force sponsor or partner today! Working together we can save the next innocent child from becoming a victim of human trafficking. Contact us at jerome@traffickinginamericataskforce.org to find out more.


One person can make a difference. Trafficking in America Task Force has opportunities at many levels to become involved in the fight against human trafficking. If you would like to join the battle to protect the innocence of our children send an e-mail to anend2silence@gmail.com.


Warmest Regards,

Jerome Elam
President and CEO Trafficking in America Task Force
State of Florida Advisory Group on Human Trafficking
Staff Writer and Columnist for Communities Digital News and Marine Corps Veteran


We have worked with Asch Phoenix Design to create our brochures as well as this website. They have donated all their time to help us further our mission. "We are honored to work with Jerome and TIATF, the work that is being done is essential to our growth as a humanity." - Liberty Phoenix


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