Network for Cultural Change (NCC) is the tool that will enable anyone that wants to engage in the historical transformation of American culture a source to work directly in the area of prevention and an opportunity to begin. When we affect our cultural deficiencies for the better, we will see a drop in not only human trafficking but other crimes against humanity. We envision a world without slavery of any kind. Where human dignity has been restored and equality in all aspects of our walk on this earth are present.

NCC aims to create a network of organizations that are currently working on the ground in the various areas that we have chosen to focus on at this time. Animal Welfare, Climate Change, Corporate America, Faith, Family Breakdown, Health and Wellness, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Mass Media, Politics and Foreign Policy, Poverty, Service and Activism, Violence and Crime.  TIATF was created in 2011 to help eliminate the human trafficking of people in America, and to provide a culture free of sexual exploitation and slavery, where people know their own intrinsic value. NCC is the evolution of TIATF and will serve the human trafficking movement by enabling those who are ready to go to the next level in prevention.

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