Trish Kearney

Executive Assistant to Jerome Elam CEO and President

Trish Kearney is a survivor of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. She is a child of a very young teenage mother who was also sexually abused. Growing up with her young mother was difficult, as her mother was both a drug addict and an alcoholic. She was exposed to domestic violence on a daily basis and often feared for the safety of herself and her younger siblings. As a child, she experienced repeated evictions, homelessness, hunger, and often lived without the basic necessities of life. Born and raised in California, Trish left home and went into foster care for the final time at the age 15. After several earlier foster care placements, she was placed into the home of a caring family that supported her through the beginning stages of the healing process. In 2000, after starting her own family, she moved to the East Coast and eventually obtained her Bachelors Degree in Health Education from the University of Florida. She first learned about the existence of human trafficking in 2013, and has since spoken out against this injustice and has advocated for victims. She has volunteered with Fight Injustice and Global Human Trafficking (FIGHT), the Child Advocacy Center, and the Alachua County Coalition Against Human Trafficking. She was also the President of the UF student organization, Gators Against Human Trafficking. She interned for both Project Safe Childhood with the Department of Justice and the House of Hope of Alachua County. She has a passion for fighting against injustice and aims to always advocate for the rights of victims, whether children or adults.

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