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Our vision of Creating a Culture Free of Modern Day Slavery continues to be on the forefront and calls us to center on healing of the very fabric of our society. With the education surrounding areas fueling human trafficking, we must begin to reverse the effects of the onslaught into our lives over the past few decades and see where we can make adjustments that can indeed begin to reduce incidents of modern slavery.

As we work to educate about what human trafficking is, we must simultaneously bring healing to our minds and souls. That is the only way we will defeat human trafficking, modern day slavery. For over a decade we have worked to educate America about the issues surrounding human trafficking. With the anti-human trafficking movement hitting an all time high in advocacy work there are now a multitude of conferences on the subject all across the nation. Timing is perfect for us to transition to what we call the “Perpetual Conference”.

I reflect on our first conference in 2011 and the slogan that we created for the conference T-shirts that year…Trafficking In America Perpetual Conference. We have been envisioning an ongoing source for education where people who cannot travel to a national event can still benefit from the education presented. With that in mind, TIATF has created a website where we will post all of the previous years conference video’s that are available so we can offer that on going platform for human trafficking education resources.

The 2014 videos are ready for viewing and download. We will be working to bring you the still current and relevant conference videos from 2011, 2012, and 2013 and will notify you as they are available on the new website. Additionally, in order to keep the Perpetual Conference fresh we will be interviewing experts across the nation to keep your list of related topics and quality speakers always on the cutting edge.

In keeping with the traditional conference format we have a Perpetual Vendor Space for you to market your product or organization. So now you will not be limited to only a 3 day audience. Email Yvonne for discounted pre-launch prices and a full Vendor Package.

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